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Westward Scania Group in the society



Scania strives to minimise the environmental impact of our products, both during manufacture and during use. We do this by taking into account the environmental effects throughout the entire life cycle of our trucks, buses and engines.


The Scania product concept and production system are characterised by resource efficiency and the principle of caution. Our environmental work is about economising resources and energy as well as on meeting customer demands such as low fuel consumption and emissions.


The drivers in focus


In our product and service development, Scania has a clear driver focus. We believe that the driver is the single most important asset for efficiency, environment and safety. Skilled and responsible drivers are the backbone of the industry, but often their contribution to society is undervalued.


The use of viable alternative fuels is crucial in the global race against climate change. Scania’s recipe for sustainable transport combines tradition with fresh thinking – renewable fuels, hybrid technology, a focus on driver training and greater efficiency in the transport system. Scania has some 20 years of experience in developing vehicles that use alternative fuels such as ethanol.

Scania is certified according to the ISO 140001 standard, and the environmental policy applies to all of the company’s activities.


Creating job opportunities


Scania plays a part in the society by creating job opportunities and investing in innovations as well as providing competitive transport solutions to customers, helping them to generate a sustainable profit. Scania takes an active role in local communities and strives to manage all operations in a sustainable way.

If employees, business partners, customers and owners are to feel confident in a company, it must live up to high ethical standards. Scania supports the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Together with Scania’s leadership principles and core values, they form the foundation for all work throughout the Scania organisation.


Ethic approach important


Scania works actively to emphasise ethical and social values within the organisation. Scania recruits personnel based on competency, always with the core value “respect for the individual” in mind.


An ethical approach to work and business is the responsibility of every employee. The core value “respect for the individual” defines how Scania’s employees should behave towards their counterparts and fellow employees. Each manager is responsible for communicating and ensuring that the ethical guidelines are respected.


The purchasing organisation requires that Scania’s suppliers follow the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights concerning employee health, safety, wages and working conditions.


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